Soccer diseases
Editor Sandro Giannini

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Why a book regarding most common soccer injuries?
There are already several articles in the literature treating these lesions separately but a specific book that completely collects lesions of the whole body, from head trauma to foot injuries, including clinical features, treatment, and rehabilitation, is still lacking.

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“My current position as President of the Carlo Rizzoli Foundation, which provides for the development and dissemination of Motor Sciences and supports for the didactic, scientific and research activities of the Motor Sciences courses of the University of Bologna led me to the creation of this book, combining the specific skills of various specialists, in order to understand, divided by topics, the whole body, from the chronic pathology to the foot diseases. Many of these specialists belong to the University of Bologna, the oldest European university, specifically to the Departments of Sciences for the Quality of Life (QuVi) and of Biomedical and NeuroMotorie Sciences (Dibinem) and to the Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli, one of the main world orthopedics centers founded by Francesco Rizzoli and inaugurated in 1896. To complete the book, the rehabilitative section was commissioned to a large and famous European center for sports rehabilitation, the Isokinetic of Bologna.”

Sandro Giannini

Rotator cuff tear

Lesions of the rotator cuff tendons, especially of supraspinatus, are an infrequent cause of subacromial pain and functional limitation, affecting mostly middle-aged soccer players. The pathological degeneration process usually begins in the supraspinous tendon due to the inferior blood supply at this level and to the wearing action of the long head of the biceps at the level of the rotator interval. Over time, degeneration and tearing may extend posteriorly also affecting the infraspinatus tendon. In massive ruptures of the cuff the long head of the biceps tendon is often affected, either broken or dislocated. This kind of trauma is associated with rotator cuff tear that is usually located on the lower surface of the tendon, configuring the partial tears on the articular side of the tendons.

Treatment of turf toe injuries

Surgical treatment for the turf toe injuries is indicated for instabilities with massive capsular lesions, sesamoids fractures, sesamoid position retraction, traumatic bunions, or osteochondral lesions. Surgical technique varies depending on lesion type. In isolated capsular disruption, surgical treatmend is absed on an end-to-end suture of the capsule. Usually, the capsular suture is performed with a single medial incision. If the lesion is distal to the sesamoid complex, the tendon can be sutured or reinserted at the base of the phalanx.

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463 photos, 94 illustrations, 39 tables, 26 Videos QVS

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