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Surgical anatomy atlas
Pelvic approaches

219,00 IVA inclusa

The book features over 300 drawings illustrating all the approaches used in modern pelvic surgery, offering a rich repertoire ranging from minimally invasive approaches to standard ones and those for treating traumatic injuries. It comprises numerous detailed anatomical illustrations that faithfully reproduce the anatomy of the pelvic region at various stages of surgical intervention, with particular attention to risks and complications. This comprehensive and ambitious text aims to enrich the training of young surgeons and support experienced surgeons in their daily practice

Anatomical atlas on thread lifting

200,00 IVA inclusa

Anatomical Atlas on thread lifting was created to mark the 25th Anniversary of Aptos. In this addition you will find insights on face anatomy, fundamentals of thread application methods and dissection of cadaver materials. We truly hope the Atlas will become your on-table book enabling you to enhance your thread lifting skills further.

Illustrated atlas

105,00 IVA inclusa

This book is a guide to the trichoscopic diagnosis of the most frequent hair diseases. Rich in photographs, it allows immediate visualization of the trichoscopic signs, useful for a comparison with the real aspects observed during clinical practice.
The pathogenesis of the various signs is indicated so that the reader is able to interpret the symptoms and the extent of the problem in the most appropriate way.
Contains indications on the correct magnifications for optimal visualization of the hair, skin and vessels; and the usefulness of dry or interface trichoscopy.
It is only with knowledge of the physiology and pathology of hair, and with practical experience, that one learns to diagnose and manage alopecia and trichoscopy helps in all three processes.

Chemical peels
Practical guide with clinical cases

119,00 IVA inclusa

This book describes the basic methods for skin peeling, the variety of chemical agents used, their potential side effects, and how to avoid them. The authors provide an up-to-date analysis of all currently available chemical peels for dermatologic use through several clinical cases and videos.

This work is intended to be a guide to properly approach this fascinating medical practice, and a point of comparison with colleagues who are already experts in the practice of chemical peels.

Minimally invasive hip arthroplasty Surgical approaches and procedures

150,00 IVA inclusa

The profound cultural changes, the favourable results obtained with minimally invasive techniques in other surgical branches and the promising contributions from new technologies also force orthopaedic surgery to adapt. It therefore leads to the implementation of those technical and procedural changes capable of making the surgery more tissue-friendly and the clinical outcome more favourable and stable over time.
Minimally invasive surgery, in our as in other surgical branches, is a ‘philosophy’, an irreversible and now indispensable choice. This is something we deeply believe in because of its credibility and reliability, which is destined to be refined and spread to many other surgical fields.

Sergio Candiotto, Pietro Ruggieri

Injection therapy
Illustrative manual of injection techniques in the musculoskeletal system

120,00 IVA inclusa

With the contribution of over thirty specialists, coordinated by Professor Antonio Frizziero, the manual explains in detail every aspect of intra and periarticular infiltrative therapy.
The indications for the use of the main substances for injection are described: NSAIDs, muscle relaxants, hyaluronic acid, Prp, corticosteroids, stem cells, oxygen-ozone, botulinum toxin and local anaesthetics. Starting with the anatomical analysis of the joint, the authors illustrate the accesses and injection techniques in the different districts, with or without ultrasound guidance. In addition to the numerous operative images and anatomical tables, the volume is also enhanced by explanatory videos of the various joint access pathways.

Analysis and management in aesthetic medicine

119,00 IVA inclusa

It is acknowledged that there is no medicine without complication and a good captain will be recognized in a storm.
So, for those readers who believe that they will never experience a complication at their clinic, this book provides expert solutions when in the centre of the storm.
This book is a new step forward to help all health practitioners analyse and manage complications in Aesthetic Medicine.

The gaze
The art of periorbital rejuvenation

170,00 IVA inclusa

This text intends to represent the completion of a work aimed at bringing together the specific experience of so many authors in a single volume, so that the complexity that is enclosed in the gaze can be analyzed from different perspectives and techniques and approaches that help in the work of rejuvenation and aesthetic improvement of this area.

Closed rhinoplasty
Illustrated technical manual

139,00 IVA inclusa


The closed rhinoplasty respects the anatomy even if it modifies the cartilages and the bones of the nose in order to reach, in addition to beauty and naturalness, also a normally breathing nose. This book is a practical guide to closed rhinoplasty derived from fifty years of the author’s experience with this technique.

Clinical semiotics of the foot

90,00 IVA inclusa

The purpose of this text-atlas of clinical semiotics of the ankle and foot is to bring into images the clinical approach to these districts, according to our experience, in reference also to the teachings of the School of Professor Giacomo Pisani and current literature. The content of this volume is addressed to medical specialists in Orthopaedics, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Rheumatology, Doctors specializing in the above branches, Medical students, Physiotherapists, podiatrists, orthopaedic technicians and lovers of the subject.

Botulinum Toxin
Illustrative manual of injection techniques

129,00 IVA inclusa

This new book, from the leading and most experienced clinicians in Italy using toxin for aesthetic improvements, provides the latest and best information available to the reader. After an introduction to toxin, including the much-discussed psychological impacts of use, all aspects of the treatment process and procedure are presented for consideration. Often, these are not dealt with in publications, but detailed information is provided here. The many uses in the face, not just those which are licensed but all so-called “off-label” applications, are then described in detail. Excellent anatomical drawings accompany before/after photographs of patients treated in the respective areas.


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The ways of rhinoplasty
Comparing philosophies

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English language. Also available in Italian

The purpose of this book is to keep the surgeons updated about innovations in aesthetic rhinoplasty surgical techniques, and to compare the different techniques: open rhinoplasty, closed rhinoplasty and preservation rhinoplasty, showing the positive and negative points of these techniques in each clinical case: the dorsal hump, saddle nose, crooked nose ecc. You can find also some particular rhinoplasty techniques for example: profiloplasty using combined skeletal and prosthetic surgery, the autologous profiloplasty techniques, and rhinofiller for non-surgical correction of the nose. The theoretical part of book is enriched with many multimedia contents composed by 75 videos of live rhinoplasty surgery, you can see them through QRCode, and more than 120 clinical cases that show patients before and after the operation.


Illustrative manual of injection techniques

109,00 IVA inclusa

Effective, versatile and relatively safe, dermal fillers are among the most popular treatments in aesthetic medicine. This book will allow aesthetic doctors to understand the new injection techniques and to understand which filler to choose, while maintaining a focus on the natural result and expectation of the patient.

Also available in Italian

Fractures of the scapula

120,00 IVA inclusa

Scapular fractures are mainly caused by high-energy trauma and are often associated with major skeletal and visceral injuries. Their frequency is low and this justifies a relative scarcity of evidence in the literature. Historically, the treatment of choice has been conservative, but since the 1990s, the indications for surgical treatment have increased, especially because of the poor functional results obtained in some types of fracture.

English language, also available in Italian


The child elbow
Practical approach to traumatic and orthopedic disorders

120,00 IVA inclusa

Lingua inglese

A causa della sua complessità e della conformazione delle tre ossa che costituiscono l’articolazione, il gomito ha sempre portato a difficoltà nella diagnosi e nel trattamento delle malattie e delle condizioni traumatiche che lo affliggono.
Se questa affermazione vale per il gomito di un paziente adulto, la situazione è ancora più complessa per il gomito di un bambino.

Soccer diseases

130,00 IVA inclusa

Why a book regarding most common soccer injuries?
There are already several articles in the literature treating these lesions separately but a specific book that completely collects lesions of the whole body, from head trauma to foot injuries, including clinical features, treatment, and rehabilitation, is still lacking.

Midface and Neck aesthetic plastic surgery vol 1

350,00 IVA inclusa

English language, also available in Italian

This atlas mainly aims at suggesting the most modern techniques suited for correcting defects in the midface area. It also adequately describes the most advanced operations for treating age-related imperfections in the surrounding areas of the face.

Aesthetic mammaplasties

350,00 IVA inclusa

English language, also available in Italian

The Author guides the reader through the various chapters explaining with confident simplicity the different problems, difficulties and ways to overcome them as well as the many surgical techniques, not only the ones considered “trendy” but also those that are sometimes wrongly thought to be a little obsolete, providing the most appropriate information for each one. It is like having access to a learned “user’s manual”.

The tuberous breast

180,00 IVA inclusa

English language, also available in Italian

This book examines various types of Tuberous Hypoplastic Breast and for each type a description is given. The surgical procedures are described step by step with drawings and intra-operative photographs. This method will offer the reader the precise sequence of each procedure from the beginning up to the end result.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound – 3D-4D

98,00 IVA inclusa

The MRI investigation allows a comprehensive and defined assessment of the pathological picture, and we believe that the use of 3D-4D US examination should be an exercise to develop the capacity of the operator to that method.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound – Elastosonography

98,00 IVA inclusa

We believe that this book will be helpful for all medical operators who wish to deepen their knowledge in a subject, diagnostic imaging, which in recent years has seen a considerable increase of its diagnostic potential due to technological progress.

Weight bearing. Musculoskeletal MRI

98,00 IVA inclusa

The MRI investigation performed in supine and upright position, allows many functional evaluations of several anatomical districts.
The use of this device in the study of the spine, both the cervical and in particular lumbo-sacral tract, can often show a clear emphasis on the problems of spine assessment, with particular reference to anterior and posterior spondylolisthesis and the presence of herniated discs.

The posterior cruciate ligament

146,00 IVA inclusa

Each author has provided detailed surgical methods emphasizing their strengths and weaknesses and, in the end, providing the reader with an overview of all the surgical techniques currently available for posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

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The foot – Biomechanics, Pathomechanics, and Kinetics

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This monograph begins with a significant introduction on the gravitational environment and podiatric biomechanics, indispensable for an accurate understanding of antigravitational mechanics of the foot. However, what is original and justifies this work, is the precise and detailed exposition of podiatric biomechanics and pathomechanics, essential notions in the planning of efficient and reliable orthoses. The originality of certain interpretations and unusual terminology, can inspire doubts and understandable questions, considering the original layout of the subject, doubts which are annulled by careful reading. The text is nonetheless able to offer a valid point of reference to those that confront the problems of the planning of podiatric orthoses, to students and physicians prescribing orthoses.

Shoulder replacement in osteoarthritis

135,00 IVA inclusa

The aim of this textbook is to make the experiences of the top surgeons with total shoulder arthroplasty in osteoarthritis widely available.
This textbook gives the readers a wide spectrum of knowledge about the design and history of the prostheses, indications, and surgical techniques as well as the understandings of basic concepts of these prostheses.

Rhinoplasty. With DVD

250,00 IVA inclusa

Given knowledge of basic surgical techniques, this book provides a step by step guidance to the surgeon to obtain safe and effective results. The real innovation does not reside in illustrating new surgical procedures, but in a highly cost-effective approach through consolidated outpatient techniques.

3D Body Contouring

350,00 IVA inclusa

English language, also available in Italian

A new book with new ideas, a manual than a book: because the neophyte, and maybe even some more experienced
colleagues, could carry it, at least ideally, in the operating room. A practical reasoned handbook, with many images of “tricks” born from 34 years of cosmetic surgery.

Operative strategies in breast plastic surgery

250,00 IVA inclusa

English language

The aim of a book like this is to be helpful to the Reader, and not to be rewarding for the Author. This is the reason why unsatisfactory results and long-term unfavourable changes are reported and described whenever possible.