Fractures of the scapula
Enrico Gervasi, Giuseppe Porcellini, Sergio Candiotto

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Scapular fractures are mainly caused by high-energy trauma and are often associated with major skeletal and visceral injuries. Their frequency is low and this justifies a relative scarcity of evidence in the literature. Historically, the treatment of choice has been conservative, but since the 1990s, the indications for surgical treatment have increased, especially because of the poor functional results obtained in some types of fracture.

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  • Data di pubblicazione: 03/2021
  • Autori: Enrico Gervasi, Giuseppe Porcellini, Sergio Candiotto
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In previous times, low-energy traumas were prevalent and accountable for simple fractures with limited therapeutic implications, which led almost always to a conservative treatment.

Nowadays, we have moved on to more severe and complex fracture models. This derives from increasingly frequent “high energy” traumas, which characterize road and sports accidents.

Therefore, the modalities of trauma and the type of scapular fractures have changed. As a consequence, the treatment of choice has changed, often requiring surgery. The concepts of the modern trauma surgery consider the restoration of the native anatomy as an indispensable premise for an early rehabilitation, along with the quickest functional recovery possible, and reduction of the risk of malunions/nonunions.

For these reasons, following the modern concepts, we have intended to study the trauma of the scapula from multiple therapeutic perspectives.

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More than 300 pictures, 70 illustrations

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