Vivida Lips

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Lips and nose.

This human head model is intended to make the injection simulation training as realistic as possible. For the trainee injector, it offers the look and feel of human tissue using a firm but pliant silicone overlay. The hard-acrylic base layer adds to the training experience by offering a “bony” resistance at the right depth.

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The child elbow – Practical approach to traumatic and orthopedic disorders

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Because of its complexity, and the conformation of the three bones that constitute the joint, the elbow has always led to difficulties in the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases and traumatic conditions that afflict it.
If this statement is true for the elbow of an adult patient, the situation is even more complex for a child’s elbow.

Monografia L’apparato gastroenterico tra salute e patologia: ruolo di alimentazione e stile di vita

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Il presente volume analizza la stretta connessione esistente fra alimentazione, stile di vita e salute dell’apparato gastroenterico. Dalla complessa patogenesi della malattia da reflusso esofageo, che si manifesta con un grande varietà di quadri clinici, alle diverticolosi, patologia caratteristica dei paesi industrializzati che interessa principalmente la popolazione anziana, fino alla gestione delle malattie infiammatorie croniche intestinali e della celiachia: le patologie dell’apparato digerente sono disturbi che implicano un’attenta valutazione dell’ampio spettro dei sintomi e un corretto approccio terapeutico.

Coordinamento scientifico Hellas Cena

The tuberous breast

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English language, also available in Italian

This book examines various types of Tuberous Hypoplastic Breast and for each type a description is given. The surgical procedures are described step by step with drawings and intra-operative photographs. This method will offer the reader the precise sequence of each procedure from the beginning up to the end result.