The tuberous breast
Egle Muti

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This book examines various types of Tuberous Hypoplastic Breast and for each type a description is given. The surgical procedures are described step by step with drawings and intra-operative photographs. This method will offer the reader the precise sequence of each procedure from the beginning up to the end result.

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  • Publication date: 02/2018
  • Authors: Egle Muti
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My goal in writing this book is to share my personal experience with the reader keeping always in mind that “a professional” and responsible surgeon soon learns early in his career not to be categorical and accept that his choice of surgical technique may not be the only and appropriate one: there are a number of viable options for every operating techniques that can bring similar results, and each is right on his own way.
Any surgeon should develop his own personal technique and choose, among the many, the one most suitable to him. But there is a fundamental tenet: the surgeon should always keep an open mind to new ideas, new discoveries, new considerations but not without a careful analysis and self criticism.

Egle Muti

180,00 VAT included

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