The regenerative medicine in orthopaedics

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Scientific coordinator Prof. Sandro Giannini

  • Authors: AA VV
  • Book language: English
  • Publication date: 03/2022
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  • ISBN: 978-88-97162-94-0


Biological repair of the musculoskeletal system is one of the main purposes in orthopedics and traumatology.
In recent years, these two disciplines have had a particular development with the creation and use of new materials, new designs of synthetic media, prosthetic implants, and new instruments for their applications.
The research to reconstruct the damaged tissues has always been the mirage of the orthopedic surgeon for which regenerative medicine has progressively developed, intending to get to repair bones, cartilage, tendons, muscles, and skin.
With the publication of this book, we wanted to collect the developed experience of years at the Rizzoli Institute with the integration between research laboratories and clinical divisions and with the experience of other laboratories and surgeons of national and international importance.
After an introductory part of basic science related to the biological materials used:
stem cells, platelet aggregates and scaffolds, some cell isolation systems are presented. Subsequently, animal studies and the most common clinical applications are presented, including bone repair, cartilage, muscle, and tendons. In addition to the various surgical treatments, the effect of biophysical stimulation on tissue regeneration is also treated. Prof. Sandro Giannini

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