Rhinoplasty. With DVD
Alessandro Gualdi

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Given knowledge of basic surgical techniques, this book provides a step by step guidance to the surgeon to obtain safe and effective results. The real innovation does not reside in illustrating new surgical procedures, but in a highly cost-effective approach through consolidated outpatient techniques.

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  • Lingua del testo: Inglese
  • Data di pubblicazione: 01/2014
  • Autori: Alessandro Gualdi
  • Marchio: ActaMedica
  • Codice ISBN: 978-88-97438-49-6
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We take the reader by hand in each phase of the process from the essential anatomy recall, to the post-operative follow up, passing by the indications, the informed consent, and the required instrumentation. The surgical techniques are illustrated in a detailed, but concise manner and are accompanied by intra-operative pictures and captions to clarify each passage. This book offers what is often missing in aesthetic surgery manuals: clear, basic, and safe techniques to achieve consistently good aesthetic results. The proposed procedures will not solve each clinical scenario, but aim to generate a basic knowledge for the surgeon that can be employed for most of the patients. For each step of the intervention, it is explained in detail what will be performed, why and how. In each phase, the role of the operator (here right handed) and the tasks of the assistant are described. A description of the surgical instruments closes each paragraph (in a yellow background).

The shown operations reassure the less expert surgeons by inducing limited morbidity and constitute a quick and critical review for the more experienced ones.

250,00 IVA inclusa

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