Musculoskeletal ultrasound – Vol. 1 Technique, Anatomy, and Integrated Imaging
Giuseppe Monetti

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This volume, composed of about 800 pages, deals with technique, anatomy and integrated imaging shared among 24 chapters, each of which coming out as perfectly made and developed according to today’s knowledge.

  • Autori: Giuseppe Monetti
  • Lingua del testo: Inglese
  • Data di pubblicazione: 2009
  • Confezione e Formato: Cartonato (22x30,5 cm)
  • Numero di pagine: 889
  • Marchio: Timeo
  • Codice ISBN: 978-88-86891-88-2


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L’intento di questo libro è quello di fornire al Podologo una visione ampia ma precisa delle patologie ungueali, in modo da poterle distinguere ed effettuare una pronta diagnosi differenziale per una maggior precisione diagnostico-terapeutica.

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The Author guides the reader through the various chapters explaining with confident simplicity
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techniques, not only the ones considered “trendy” but also those that are sometimes wrongly
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The aim of a book like this is to be helpful to the Reader, and not to be rewarding for the Author. This is the reason why unsatisfactory results and long-term unfavourable changes are reported and described whenever possible.