Minimally invasive hip arthroplasty Surgical approaches and procedures
Sergio Candiotto, Pietro Ruggieri

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The profound cultural changes, the favourable results obtained with minimally invasive techniques in other surgical branches and the promising contributions from new technologies also force orthopaedic surgery to adapt. It therefore leads to the implementation of those technical and procedural changes capable of making the surgery more tissue-friendly and the clinical outcome more favourable and stable over time.
Minimally invasive surgery, in our as in other surgical branches, is a ‘philosophy’, an irreversible and now indispensable choice. This is something we deeply believe in because of its credibility and reliability, which is destined to be refined and spread to many other surgical fields.

Sergio Candiotto, Pietro Ruggieri

  • Contenuti speciali: More than 550 photos, more than 130 illustrations, about 40 clinical cases
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  • Data di pubblicazione: 06/2023
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  • Autori: Sergio Candiotto, Pietro Ruggieri
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In our discipline, there are now numerous areas of application of minimally invasive techniques. For example, arthroscopic procedures are becoming more and more widespread and versatile, as are the innovative solutions introduced in traumatology, such as the MIPO techniques in certain complex tibial fractures.
Prosthetic hip surgery is a field that is showing remarkable clinical results with the minimally invasive technique, as it can also rely on other promising aspects such as the possibility of adapting this innovative method to special conditions (elderly people, compromised clinical conditions) that make it preferable to traditional techniques.

150,00 IVA inclusa

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Contenuti speciali

More than 550 photos, more than 130 illustrations, about 40 clinical cases

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Cartonato (21×29,7cm)

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