Midface and Neck aesthetic plastic surgery vol 1 + vol 2
Giovanni Botti, Mario Pelle Ceravolo

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English language, also available in Italian

This atlas mainly aims at suggesting the most modern techniques suited for correcting defects in the midface area. It also adequately describes the most advanced operations for treating age-related imperfections in the surrounding areas of the face.

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  • Data di pubblicazione: 01/2012
  • Autori: Giovanni Botti, Mario Pelle Ceravolo
  • Marchio: ActaMedica
  • Codice ISBN: 978-88-97438-13-7
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Vol. 1

In summary, book pays particular attention to the various problems of ageing in the infraorbital area. Surgical complications that may arise from any procedure and their solutions, are also included.

The written text is deliberately restricted to what we consider essential, and refers to images that do not leave too much room for doubt or guesswork. As usual, Karin Moust’s clear illustrations will complete the iconography. This volume also includes a few chapters dedicated to specific topics such as the nasojugal groove, Graves disease and the maxillofacial approach.

Vol. 2

The first chapter in this second volume introduces my vision of the ageing process in the midface and its surgical treatment. Many of the theories are similar to those of Giovanni, even with slight “differentiating traits”. One of the aims of this chapter, therefore is to show a different point of view on anti-ageing surgical treatment of the midface, i.e., the use of malar implants. Indeed, twenty years of work with malar implants has given me a great advantage in dealing with this technique and the rare complications that can arise. My fervent opinion is that the application of implants is extremely helpful and gives generous results in rejuvenation of the midface. In the past few years many papers have been published which implicate the loss of volume in these areas as being the fundamental cause of ageing. From this we can deduce that the addition of external volume, besides fat grafting, can in many cases represent an optimal solution for this problem.

The second topic dealt with in this text is the surgical treatment of the neck. I have preferred to present this chapter by first analyzing all the structures of the neck, starting from the external layers and working inwards, explaining with clarity the various treatment options for each layer depending on its depth. The text explains the procedures to associate with the various situations to obtain the best results.

Mario Pelle Ceravolo

We present an essential introduction to anatomy, followed by illustrations of different cases and their specific surgical treatments which are photographed stage by stage in every possible detail.

700,00 IVA inclusa

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