The gaze
The art of periorbital rejuvenation
Editor Francesco Romeo

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This text intends to represent the completion of a work aimed at bringing together the specific experience of so many authors in a single volume, so that the complexity that is enclosed in the gaze can be analyzed from different perspectives and techniques and approaches that help in the work of rejuvenation and aesthetic improvement of this area.

  • Contenuti speciali: 600 images, 40 clinical cases, 11 videos
  • Confezione e Formato: Cartonato (21x29,7cm)
  • Numero di pagine: 440
  • Data di pubblicazione: 02/2024
  • Lingua del testo: Inglese
  • Marchio: ActaMedica
  • Autori: Editor Francesco Romeo
  • Codice ISBN: 978-88-97438-77-9
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170,00 IVA inclusa

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Contenuti speciali

600 images, 40 clinical cases, 11 videos

Confezione e Formato

Cartonato (21×29,7cm)

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