Illustrated guide to percutaneous collagen induction
Desmond Fernandes, Matthias Aust, Svenja Bathe

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This illustrated step-by-step guide describes the application of percutaneous collagen induction, also known as medical needling. Combining impressive case histories, anatomical illustrations, and scientific data, the authors demonstrate the efficacy of the method in rejuvenating scars, lines, sagging skin, and stretch marks. Chapters cover the basics of the technique and indications for its use as well as each stage of treatment and patient management.

  • Autori: Desmond Fernandes, Matthias Aust, Svenja Bathe
  • Lingua del testo: Inglese
  • Data di pubblicazione: 01/2013
  • Confezione e Formato: Cartonato (20x24 cm)
  • Numero di pagine: 221
  • Marchio: KVM-Quintessence
  • Codice ISBN: 978-1-85097-253-2


Chapter 1. Basics of Dermatology
Chapter 2. Scientific Basics
Chapter 3. The Consultation
Chapter 4. Documentation Methods
Chapter 5. Perioperative Management
Chapter 6. Uses
Chapter 7. Practical Aids for the Practitioner

The authors highlight the latest devices and provide expert practical tips for patient treatment

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