Illustrative manual of injection techniques
Giuseppe Sito

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Effective, versatile and relatively safe, dermal fillers are among the most popular treatments in aesthetic medicine. This book will allow aesthetic doctors to understand the new injection techniques and to understand which filler to choose, while maintaining a focus on the natural result and expectation of the patient.

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  • Packaging and Size: Cartonato (17x24 cm)
  • Total pages: 207
  • Publication date: giugno 2021
  • Label: ActaMedica
  • Book language: English
  • Authors: Giuseppe Sito
  • ISBN: 978-88-97438-62-5


I know now that what we aesthetic doctors lack is a book of practical notions that describe exactly “where, how and what”, a book that takes us by the hand and, with the right illustrations, explains how far we have to go and what we have to create. Because the use of fillers is an art which drives us and helps us to create, to reveal the beauty that is already in our patients, bringing it back to the surface, in the same way that a sculptor uses a chisel to shape marble, which is only apparently lifeless.

Writing however, didn’t seem to be enough, so I have added some high definition videos to each chapter, to really show you how and where to place your hands and syringe, so that every movement is safe, giving us all, myself included, the satisfaction of seeing a work of art come to life.

Giuseppe Sito

109,00 VAT included

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120 illustrations, 140 photographs, 29 videos

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Cartonato (17×24 cm)

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giugno 2021


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