Clinical semiotics of the foot
Carmelo Errichiello, Raul Cerlon, Lorenzo Morino, Davide Deledda

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The purpose of this text-atlas of clinical semiotics of the ankle and foot is to bring into images the clinical approach to these districts, according to our experience, in reference also to the teachings of the School of Professor Giacomo Pisani and current literature. The content of this volume is addressed to medical specialists in Orthopaedics, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Rheumatology, Doctors specializing in the above branches, Medical students, Physiotherapists, podiatrists, orthopaedic technicians and lovers of the subject.

  • Contenuti speciali: 397 foto, 75 disegni
  • Confezione e Formato: Cartonato (17x24 cm)
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  • Data di pubblicazione: 09/2023
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  • Lingua del testo: Inglese
  • Autori: Carmelo Errichiello, Raul Cerlon, Lorenzo Morino, Davide Deledda
  • Codice ISBN: 979-12-81437-00-5
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Clinical semiotics is an essential tool for the static and dynamic interpretation of foot pathology. The anamnestic-clinical evaluation must precede the consultation of the instrumental examinations, which could wrongly affect the correct interpretation of the clinical problems reported by the patient.
The text-atlas describes the clinical approach to an organ of sense and motion unique as the ‘foot-ankle’ through the educational model of the iconographic narrative, useful to the doctor to recognize the paramorphisms of pathological pictures.

Our personal history and the direct knowledge of all the authors led us to write together the presentation of this text-atlas of clinical semiotics of the ankle and foot. The colleagues, lovers of the subject, are one of the great legacies of the School of Professor Giacomo Pisani. We would like to report the thought of Giacomo Pisani expressed in his treatise on foot surgery regarding clinical semiotics: «the request for instrumental examinations is inversely proportional to the confidence one has in one’s medical history and clinical examination. Instrumental “doping”, supported by the often excessive accreditation of the technological medium, is frequently misleading if privileged as a diagnostic element. Nor does any instrumental examination document the “subjective”, which at most can be correlated when, at times, it does not correspond to the data of the examination itself».

Prof. Alessandro Massè
Prof. Giuseppe Massazza

90,00 IVA inclusa

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Contenuti speciali

397 foto, 75 disegni

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Cartonato (17×24 cm)

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