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Manuale pratico di terapia con onde d’urto

61,75 VAT included

L’obiettivo del testo è quello di dare uno stimolo e un suggerimento sia a chi si occupa della metodica, che vuole confrontarsi con gli elementi innovativi sin qui disponibili, sia a chi è interessato a un’informazione di ampia visione sulle tematiche proposte e sulle ipotesi di cura e di sviluppo consentite dalla terapia con onde d’urto.


PROMOZIONE Ecografia muscolo-scheletrica

295,00 VAT included

Tecnica, anatomia ed imaging integrato Vol. 1 + Patologia ed imaging integrato di muscoli, tendini e tecniche speciali Vol. 2 + Patologia ed imaging integrato delle articolazioni Vol. 3

Musculoskeletal ultrasound – 3D-4D

98,00 VAT included

The MRI investigation allows a comprehensive and defined assessment of the pathological picture, and we believe that the use of 3D-4D US examination should be an exercise to develop the capacity of the operator to that method.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound – Elastosonography

98,00 VAT included

We believe that this book will be helpful for all medical operators who wish to deepen their knowledge in a subject, diagnostic imaging, which in recent years has seen a considerable increase of its diagnostic potential due to technological progress.

Weight bearing. Musculoskeletal MRI

98,00 VAT included

The MRI investigation performed in supine and upright position, allows many functional evaluations of several anatomical districts.
The use of this device in the study of the spine, both the cervical and in particular lumbo-sacral tract, can often show a clear emphasis on the problems of spine assessment, with particular reference to anterior and posterior spondylolisthesis and the presence of herniated discs.