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Complicanze – Analisi e gestione in medicina estetica

80,00 VAT included


Il volume approfondisce le caratteristiche generali delle complicanze in medicina estetica, passando in rassegna le strategie di prevenzione e gestione degli eventi avversi legati ai principali trattamenti: fili, filler, tossina botulinica, laser, peeling e carbossiterapia, e la prevenzione e gestione del contenzioso in medicina legale. Un capitolo è dedicato alle reazioni estetiche “di attualità”, post-Covid e post-vaccinali.

Filler – Manuale illustrato di tecniche iniettive

109,00 VAT included

Efficaci, versatili e relativamente sicuri, i filler dermici sono tra i trattamenti più richiesti in medicina estetica . Questo libro permetterà ai medici estetici di comprendere le nuove tecniche di iniezione e di capire quale filler scegliere, mantenendo comunque un’ottica incentrata sul risultato naturale e sull’aspettativa del paziente.

Disponibile anche in Inglese

Esperienze cliniche sulla carbossi e ossigeno terapia

50,00 VAT included

Questo manuale è una raccolta di esperienze cliniche di carbossi e ossigeno terapia, effettuate ed elaborate da medici sui pazienti trattati.
Può offrire spunti di riflessione per chi ha già esperienza ma può essere anche una base di partenza per chi invece si è da poco avvicinato a tali terapie.
Un rispettoso tentativo di ordinare alcune nozioni consolidate e di farne conoscere di nuove.

Monografia Il peeling chimico

20,00 VAT included

L’intento del volume è presentare la classificazione dei caustici più adoperati con diretto riferimento alle nozioni biochimiche, indirizzando l’operatore – attraverso un’appropriata selezione del paziente – al pretrattamento e poi all’applicazione guidata delle singole sostanze come delle associazioni combinate e sequenziali più collaudate. Il libro analizza inoltre gli effetti collaterali e le eventuali complicanze da peeling chimico.

Coordinamento scientifico Giuseppe Guerriero

Monografia Diagnostica dermatologica non invasiva

20,00 VAT included

Lo scopo del libro è di fornire le conoscenze di base nell’ambito delle diverse tecniche di diagnostica non invasiva in dermatologia. Verranno descritti la dermatoscopia e il microscopio laser confocale con i diversi pattern diagnostici sia per le lesioni melanocitarie sia non melanocitarie, utili per una corretta diagnosi in dermato-oncologia. Verranno inoltre descritte le più recenti tecniche di diagnostica non invasive (OCT) e le loro possibili applicazioni nella pratica clinica.

Coordinamento scientifico Giovanni Pellacani

Le unghie dei piedi

39,00 VAT included

L’intento di questo libro è quello di fornire al Podologo una visione ampia ma precisa delle patologie ungueali, in modo da poterle distinguere ed effettuare una pronta diagnosi differenziale per una maggior precisione diagnostico-terapeutica.

The lips – 45 Injection Techniques for Esthetic Lip Treatment

150,00 VAT included

In this book, all the relevant aspects of case history, anatomy, treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers, and injection techniques with their risks are presented in a way that is easy to follow and understand. The content is completed by case examples, numerous practice tips, and additional commercial and product-specific advisory notes. The aim of the authors is to provide both seasoned and less experienced therapists with a manual and an aid to treatment, equipping them with all the key information needed to independently prepare, perform, and optimize lip treatments in esthetic medicine. The book also contains practical videos that visually demonstrate many of the techniques described, accessed via QR codes.

Illustrated guide to eyelid and periorbital surgery

149,00 VAT included

Two well-known and dedicated practitioners pool their experience and appreciable skill into this illustrated step-by-step reference book on periorbital and eyelid surgery. Drawing from a wealth of surgical expertise and rigorous study, the authors’ particular knowledge of the periorbital area shines through in their emphasis on exact anatomical comprehension of the patient’s physiology. Through detailed descriptions of particular surgical cases and common errors or misconceptions, as well suggestions and advice for the improvement of operating techniques on a patient-to-patient basis, this book presents itself as a complete, comprehensive reference book for novice surgeons and experienced practitioners alike.

Illustrated guide to collagen induction with PRP

149,00 VAT included

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), already frequently used in orthopedic medicine, has become more and more popular for esthetic dermatology treatments. It is now an evidence-based practice used all over the world. This illustrated guide introduces all the relevant aspects of PRP application in esthetic dermatology. In addition to basic principles, possibilities and limitations, it also provides a practical presentation of current systems for harvesting PRP. One chapter is devoted to a series of striking photographic case histories extending over the course of several months, which demonstrate both the potential and the limitations of this method. Other tools include in-depth diagrams of various regions of the face, neck, and hands and how PRP should be applied in each area as well as patient information sheets and forms.

Illustrated guide to percutaneous collagen induction

149,00 VAT included

This illustrated step-by-step guide describes the application of percutaneous collagen induction, also known as medical needling. Combining impressive case histories, anatomical illustrations, and scientific data, the authors demonstrate the efficacy of the method in rejuvenating scars, lines, sagging skin, and stretch marks. Chapters cover the basics of the technique and indications for its use as well as each stage of treatment and patient management.

Illustrated atlas of esthetic mesotherapy

149,00 VAT included

Mesotherapy is a simple and effective method of esthetic treatment involving targeted microinjections of medicinal substances into the skin and connective tissues. This atlas offers an essential introduction to the practice of esthetic mesotherapy and arms clinicians with what they need to know to get started, such as descriptions of the active substances, injection techniques, side effects, and effective methods for consultation and case documentation. Treatment sequencing is detailed for the most common therapeutic applications, including skin rejuvenation (mesolift), preventive skin toning (mesoglow), treatment combined with injections of botulinum toxin (mesobotox), hair loss treatment (mesohair), cellulite treatment, treatment of local fat pads (lypolysis), and other dermatological indications.

Illustrated guide to chemical peels

149,00 VAT included

This book outlines the steps for accomplishing successful chemical peels—whether superficial, medium, or deep. Starting with basic current knowledge, the authors review the essentials, including the different agents used and their formulae as well as the proper techniques to use. In addition, the authors explain the art of chemical peels by showing how to provide an optimal, individually tailored treatment that takes into consideration the skin quality of each patient. Procedures are detailed step by step, and numerous tables summarize key information for quick reference.

Illustrated guide to injectable fillers

149,00 VAT included

The book shows how to use fillers to rejuvenate the skin in the most common visible areas on the face, the neck and on the back of the hands. Authentic case histories for procedures in the mid-face, periorbital region, nasolabial folds, lips, marionette lines, forehead and chin are supported with photographic documentation.

Illustrated guide to aesthetic botulinumtoxin injections

149,00 VAT included

This book provides a practical step-by-step guide to aesthetic botulinum toxin A injections in the face, including treatment of the forehead, glabella, brow, lower eyelid, bunny lines, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, cheeks, gummy smile, upper and lower lip, chin, neckline, and décolletage.

The face – Pictorial atlas of clinical anatomy

149,00 VAT included

For the first time, the highly complex topographic-anatomical relationships of facial anatomy are depicted layer by layer using extremely detailed anatomical illustrations with a three-dimensional aspect. Important landmarks, anatomical details, and clinically relevant constellations of hard and soft tissues, as well as of nerves and vessels, have been detailed. Another important feature is that the point of view is maintained throughout while moving through the different layers of preparation. While the accompanying text and figure captions highlight specific issues, the images remain in the foreground. The elaborate illustrations are based mainly on live anatomy and corresponding images obtained from magnetic resonance imaging, with some support from anatomical preparations.